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Our Stories (Page 54)

We share our stories so that others may see real-life examples of God’s work. Everyone has a story! The generous giving of money, which we call tithing or percentage giving, coupled with God’s love in action, enables the Church to create a thriving Kingdom.

Watch Joyce Fischer’s GodStory below or view previous GodStory videos for Jon Pollack, Erik HaskiJulie CochranShelby and Stuart Stout, Morgan Davies, or Tyleta Morgan. Read more about Our Stories on the posts below.


Ben Icard recalls a time in his life when his relationships were fragile. He was powerless and felt like he couldn’t fight anymore. He was not at a good place with his family, faith or relationship with Jesus. He and his family learned through a painful experience that alcoholism is a family disease. Ben says,…


As she flipped the pages of Creative Loafing last year, Lindsay Zerbel saw the 801South advertisement and felt it was speaking to her. She shares that “Even though I was baptized as a baby and later confirmed, I began to have questions about religion when it came time for me to make the decision on…


High School is a busy time – especially for a 10th grader who is active in a traveling volleyball team. Even with a rigorous schedule that could consume a student, Nicole Dalrymple has made a choice to put her faith first – a choice that is not always easy at her age, or any age.…