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Our Stories (Page 5)

We share our stories so that others may see real-life examples of God’s work. Everyone has a story! The generous giving of money, which we call tithing or percentage giving, coupled with God’s love in action, enables the Church to create a thriving Kingdom.

Watch Joyce Fischer’s GodStory below or view previous GodStory videos for Jon Pollack, Erik HaskiJulie CochranShelby and Stuart Stout, Morgan Davies, or Tyleta Morgan. Read more about Our Stories on the posts below.

The Christian Year

Just these lines, my friends … … to say that this past Sunday was quite a day. We celebrated 140 years of remarkable ministry in our transforming community called Matthews United Methodist. If you missed Tyleta Morgan’s GodStory, then make sure you watch it below. Our music was out of this world. We commissioned Dennis/Kelly…