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When I Pray, What Does God Do?

How does God answer prayer? This question has engaged Christians for centuries. It has been intellectually shaped by the rise of science, the problem of evil, and the nature of the biblical records. Scientist and theologian David Wilkinson engages with the question, sharing his insights and struggles.

What we believe affects how we pray. Science does not rule out God acting in the universe in surprising ways, and the Bible portrays a God who acts in the world in response to peoples prayers. God is not a slot machine, an indulgent parent, a divine dictator, or a ruler in absentia. But how does He work in a world of science? Why doesn’t He answer more often? How has God acted in history? How did Jesus pray and what can we learn from Him? How, in a world governed by law and grace, should we pray?

Thursday Evenings, July 27-August 31, 7:00-9:00 pm, Led by Joyce Fischer, Cost $12. Register here.

See David Wilkinson, author of this book, at Matthews UMC on August 20 & 21. Details to come!